18/11/20 – Why I Always Think I’m Right ✅

Hello again, it’s now the 18th day of writing 1,000 words a day for the full month of November, we’re over half way there! Once it’s done I swear I’m gonna enjoy not having to worry about it so much on the 1st of December. Its like homework, you have a hard day at school, spend two hours getting home, sit down and get something to eat and then, right as you’re finally chilling, you remember you’ve got homework to do. Yeah, this is the exact same, the only real motivation is obviously the fact that we’re doing it for a good cause, so many people have donated and I’m set on carrying this out.

I know this is becoming a theme in my blogs but I cannot get my hands on an Xbox Series X for the life of me. I had one in the cart on the Microsoft website but of course they wouldn’t accept my payment. Its a nightmare and for what? So I can play two games with next gen graphics? No, it’s because it’s new and I want it. It’s honestly as simple as that, I literally just have a desire to own a next generation console now. I don’t want one next year, I want it now. I know that sounds demanding or spoilt but when you think about it, I work for my money and if that’s what I want to spend my money on then that should be fine. I really look after my things too, as I have said previously, my Xbox 360 is 11 years old and still going and I’ve only ever broken one Xbox controller. It also wasn’t even me that broke it to be fair. Anyway, as a loyal Xboxier who never breaks anything and has the two previous generations of the console, I deserve one. Microsoft, sort it out.

So, on this Wednesday night I’ve got I’m a Celebrity on in the background. Isn’t it crazy how shite reality television is nowadays? Big Brother was really the peak, me and my girlfriend, Katie, love Big Brother and it pains us both that it’s been cancelled. I’m sure it’ll make a comeback at some stage but for the moment we have to settle for things like ‘Celebs Go Dating’. Seriously like, those people are not celebrities, that term is so loosely used. There’s a distinct difference between celebrities and reality TV stars. It is worth noting that they are called ‘stars’ because they star in the shows, not because they’re fabulous. When Vernon Kay is your biggest ‘celebrity’ – games show host, you’ve got a serious issue. I remember the days of Christopher Biggins, Gino d’Campo and Joe Swash, what happened? I mean one of the people has 7,000 followers on Instagram, I know followers are superficial fame but seriously? My wee cousin has more than that on Instagram. The thing I find most baffling is that the show could be so much better if they just got ordinary, interesting people in there. What about their Z-list status makes these people in any way interesting? Mo Farah is in there and he’s a boring bastard too, it also turns out he’s a full blown idiot too.

This leads me on to my next target, people who aspire to be famous. I genuinely don’t understand how this is a sustainable way to live. How can your only motivation be to be known by other people? How can you seriously retain a healthy amount of self-respect while relying entirely on other people to like you as a job? In fact, it doesn’t even seem to matter if people like you or not, some people seem to be totally fine with being hated as well. I don’t like to be hated but I genuinely don’t care if somebody does hate me so long as I don’t like them. The way I see it, so long as I like you, you don’t actually have to like me. I know it seems like a selfish way of thinking but I’m pretty committed to being myself. I think it’s probably one of my only real principles is to always be myself. I like being outspoken and speaking freely, I don’t speak without a filter though. Oftentimes people tell me I have no filter when I’m talking but that’s far from true. I filter everything I say, it’s just that I don’t mind saying something controversial or something I know nobody agrees with. I back myself, I think I’m right and so if I have an opinion on something it’s correct to me. People have always said to me ‘Seán you always think you’re right.’ and my response remains the same, of course I think I’m right. Why the fuck would I say something I knew or thought was wrong? If I think I’m wrong about something I ask about it or research it. Anything I say I think is right but whoever I say it to can always talk me out of it if they make a good argument. That’s the key, whilst I do think all my opinions are right and I feel strongly about a lot of topics, my opinions are entirely malleable. Whilst I think I’m right, I’m so aware of the fact I may be terribly wrong.

Mules, the world is fucking filled to the brim with mules – big, fat, stubborn as fuck mules. There’s nothing worse than finding an intelligent person, going to have a lively discussion with them and then finding out that they don’t concede an inch and refuse to alter their position. I don’t mind if, by the end of the conversation, they are still of the same opinion as they were at the start. The way to do it though is to show the other person you at least understand where they’re coming from. If you can reassure your counterpart that you can understand why they feel a certain way it can make a world of difference. Firstly, they’re more likely to listen to you and secondly, they’re gonna feel more comfortable and share more. I don’t know but, I think everyone has their own opinions and so long as their opinion is based on critical thinking and not just picked up in a headline then they’re fine by me.

To end, I’m still owed an Xbox, I’m a Celeb is shite now, reality TV ‘stars’ can get the fuck and if you’re going to have an opinion make sure it’s thought out and open to change.

Back again tomorrow folks.

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