19/11/20 – (Some Of) My Problems With America ðŸ‡ºðŸ‡¸

OK, it’s another Thursday guys and Thursdays are always tough, I promise tomorrow’s blog will be better. It’s a drag at the end of the week but to be honest I think it could make for a more entertaining blog. I’m going to talk about America.

The United States of America that is, not the continent. Yes, the US is truly the world’s greatest nation, that’s if the greatest nation is measured by how wrong a population is about them being the greatest nation. Truly, the US is a major shambles and it always has been a major shambles. I spent a year in Upper Sixth studying the US political system in relative depth, at the start of the year I remarked that the system seemed so overcomplicated and flawed. Today, I’m much more mature and I feel less critical and yet, my opinion on that hasn’t changed at all. It is the most preposterous, ridiculous, overcomplicated, crooked and utterly shite political system I’ve ever laid eyes on. Seriously, the entire way through it you can see where the intent lay and it’s almost always good. But if I’m honest, for such iconic people the founding fathers completely fucked it. See, America is completely tied to their constitution, I mean they are fucking obsessed with their constitution. The problem with a constitution is that it should exist as a principle but not in law. Humans change and having a really stringent constitution is incredibly short termist and restrictive. Did they not predict that commerce and trade would develop? Did they not predict social change? I doubt they did otherwise they wouldn’t have written the thing in such detail and then made it so bloody hard to change. Since 1789 the US Constitution has been amended 23 times and 2 of the amendments were the prohibiting and consequent permitting of alcohol. May I also point out that only 17 of those amendments were even ratified (passed for Europeans).

Honestly, I’m being pretty harsh in saying it’s terrible but that’s the problem with America, it’s not the actual country that’s the issue but rather the arrogance. I find arrogance to be really irritating but there’s nothing worse than unjustified arrogance. I don’t mind when Cristiano Ronaldo scores a goal and takes off his top to celebrate, he’s a legend he can do as he pleases. However, a problem would occur if I laid eyes on Jozy Altidore doing a full lap of the pitch bare chested. Jozy Altidore, for those that don’t have the pleasure of knowing who he is, is a striker who made 70 appearances in the Premier League for Sunderland and Hull – he managed 2 goals. Yeah Jozy is shit, Ronaldo is good, therefore Ronaldo gets to remove his shirt and Jozy doesn’t. If Jozy did it would come across as unjustified arrogance. It is also entirely incidental that big Jozy is a yank himself.

That’s it, just you keep that on Jozy.

The idea that you have more liberty and more independence in America is so flawed. The Americans yearn for a different idea of liberty than what we enjoy in large parts of Western Europe. I don’t seek liberty in the form of low federal taxes but rather in protection and opportunity. Liberty comes to our country as a leg up, we’re willing to pay taxes to ensure that those less fortunate in society can enjoy the same opportunities as us. I have no issues handing my money over when I know that I have benefited for so long from taxpayers money. Who am I to take, take, take and then, as soon as I come of age demand we take away the exact same opportunities I took advantage of?

This may seem pretty basic to those reading this but in America it’s a totally different story. Certain groups in America so badly don’t want to part with their money that they’d rather subject others to more poverty. It’s a very kill or be killed culture, the strong flourish and the weak fall by the wayside. In fact, it’s not entirely dissimilar here, the only difference is that the principle is that somebody’s progress in life shouldn’t be stunted due to the situation they were born into. There are haters out there who like to complain that will highlight major socio-economic differences in our society as inequality of opportunity. That’s unfair in my opinion, every child goes to school and follows the same curriculum. There’s a distinct difference between equality and equality of opportunity. In our country, everybody is given the opportunity to complete their GCSEs, A-Levels and collect a degree – entirely free of charge. Yes, there’s student debt but honestly if you look at student finance and the way they allocate money it doesn’t exactly favour those more fortunate. All the doors are open, yes you can enter the debate of funding for various schools and different societal issues. But the fact remains, 30 years ago very very few people from working class backgrounds attended university and now it’s becoming more and more prevalent. It’s not perfect and society can always be more equal, but I believe in equality of opportunity and it’s something that it’s clear Europe has been working on. Rome wasn’t built in a day but we’re going in the right direction at least.

Across the pond, Joe Biden says he doesn’t want to introduce Universal Healthcare and gets called a communist,I guess you can lead a horse to water. We’ve shown them how to do it, the Canadians have done it, New Zealand have managed it, why in good fuck do they think it’s so radical? It actually baffles me that the NHS is so inefficient and rubbish, it’s good by principle but it has the potential to be so much better. I get annoyed that somebody, who I don’t even know, can’t get an operation because of waiting lists. The key here is that I’m not annoyed because I feel like politicians are being wasteful with taxpayers money but more so that they don’t seem to be able to demand enough. If tomorrow they raised taxes as part of a fundraising mission for public services I’d rejoice. I am so ready to buy into a society that protects its citizens, that provides equal opportunities and is passionate about increasing the standard of living across the board.

For some strange reason, probably to do with its inherent distrust of the federal government, maybe justifiably, the American people just don’t seem to fall for this ideal. All of this feeds into my main question, how, in all that is holy, can you seriously convince yourselves that you’re the best nation on earth? Nobody cares for one another, nobody has any confidence in the political system and you’re miles behind the rest of the world. America, sort yourselves out and until you do, do us all a favour and take a day off from blowing smoke up your arse.

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