21/11/20 – Alcohol Ban, Recycling Costs and the Chinese 🇨🇳

Well, it’s 01:11 at the moment on Saturday night/Sunday morning. This is my blog for the 21st though. I woke up this morning with a slight hangover so I’ve been putting this off all day and now time has run out I need to do it. I have no real idea what to talk about, there’s nothing even bothering me at the moment for me to rant about. I suppose Priti Patel is a bitch but we already knew that. There’s literally nothing interesting in the news. Oh my god, what am I going to talk about?

Well, I’ll start by talking about drink and why it’s not worth it. Alcohol is honestly the worst, people make terrible decisions when they’re drunk, it makes you fat, gives you a hangover the next day and it’s not getting any cheaper to drink. I do love a pint but to be honest it’s more than just the actual drink, it’s the entire experience. I love going to the pub with one or two mates and just drinking pints and talking shite. It’s one of the best ways to pass time, make memories and spend your money, in my opinion of course. Some of the best nights I’ve had in memory have been in such conditions. I’ll only ever really drink either Guinness or Harp, depending on the weather, what I’ve eaten and how I’m feeling. Nothing like sitting down for a nice pint of Guinness in the winter time and equally there’s nothing more refreshing that a beautiful pint of Harp Ice on a summer’s day. Ireland has a strange relationship with drink, doesn’t it? It’s a culture here, you’re the odd one out if you don’t drink. Think about how many marriages, lives even, have been ruined by drink. It just seems so strange to me that despite all of the negatives about it the vast majority of us partake. It’s definitely more common for people to not drink but the idea of prohibiting alcohol seems like an impossibility.

That said, it’s bound to happen at some stage. Government control is getting ever tighter, people are becoming happier to get rid of things they know are bad e.g. plastic bags. Come to think of it actually, why the fuck aren’t plastic bags banned? I mean they literally don’t have to exist, paper bags would suffice for a last minute shop and even if they didn’t it would encourage people to bring their own bags. I agree with the fee you pay, probably one of the best things this country has done to be honest. But seriously, there’s no need for plastic bags anymore and considering the fact that it takes them almost a century, if not more, to decompose – well, it seems obvious to me. In Germany they have a brilliant system with plastic bottles. The basic idea is that on every plastic bottle you pay 15 cent, I think, and you can get this money back by returning the bottle to one of these bottle machines they have in supermarkets. Its the best and simplest way, I think, to encourage people to recycle. It also serves a double purpose, during a trip to Cologne a few years ago the homeless people there carted around shopping trolleys filled to the brim with plastic bottles. They essentially walk around either picking bottles out of bins, taking them off people or just lifting them off the ground. Then, they can bring these bottles to the supermarket and receive money per bottle recycled. It truly is a win-win situation if there ever was one. There’s literally no reason why more countries don’t have this system in place, it makes such perfect sense to me.

I’d definitely be opposed to a drink ban but not because I think it’s a bad idea, I think alcohol is a bad idea if we’re honest. No, I’d be opposed to it on more of a libertarian basis. I believe that so long as you aren’t doing harm to anyone else you should be allowed to do whatever you want. Obviously, problems arise when trying to define what does harm to others but I mean direct harm. I mean is it not a crazy thought that the people who make and enforce laws that ban drugs probably haven’t tried those drugs? I mean in all seriousness, I’m by all accounts not one for drugs, I haven’t and wouldn’t take any but I do find that mental. How can you ban or enforce a ban of something without knowing what that thing does? I mean it’s true that you don’t know what something does until you’ve tried it, I remember what I thought being drunk would feel like and how it actually felt – totally different things. I have no idea how heroin feels for example. On that thought, if those that enforce those laws have tried drugs they’ve done so illegally, making them mega hypocrites.

What about the Chinese by the way? They get away with so much don’t they? They don’t abide by any international treaties on carbon emissions, they don’t seem to care about litter, they did take way too long to shut down travel after they knew about COVID. I haven’t even mentioned the human rights abuses in China. I mean it’s insane that they don’t get more grief for their behaviour, I suppose it’s a case of out of sight, out of mind.

I’m actually so tired and am trying so hard to meet my self-imposed 1,000 word target that I’ve literally just resorted to having a go at the Chinese. Not that they don’t deserve it, its just that I don’t really care that much about them. My brain is actually working at about 25% right now. Well, I’ve got 44 words to go so it’s to be dry tomorrow with some sunshine, highs of 7 degrees and lows of 2. It’s shocking how few people pay attention to the weather forecast, it’s the first thing I look at every morning. Nothing worse than not knowing what kind of weather you’re going to encounter that day. OK, I’ve hit my word count, I’m aware that I’m late on this, I know it’s shite but as I said I’m slightly hungover so give me a break. Back tomorrow.

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