22/11/20 – Why We Shouldn’t Trust Women to Lead🤷‍♀️

Edit: I was going to leave this until tomorrow’s blog to reveal but I’ve already received too much flak. My intention in writing this was to test how many would read to the bottom – few have patience for sarcasm nowadays. Cheer up.

Well folks, it’s a lovely Sunday evening and I’m ready to write my blog.

Today was a really weird day because of the Championship. For those of you that don’t know yesterday was the centenary of Bloody Sunday, 100 years ago the Black and Tans opened fire on the crowd attending a football match between Dublin and Tipperary in Croke Park. This was pretty crazy for the times too and IRA membership skyrocketed following the attack, just in case anyone thought this stuff happened a lot. Interestingly, the Commanding Officer of the Auxiliaries at the time was a man named Frank Percy Cozier, a Brigadier General in the British army, following the events of Bloody Sunday he resigned and actually became a pacifist in the end, maybe that wasn’t that interesting actually. All that said, for only the second time in history, the first being 1920, Dublin, Mayo, Tipp and Cavan comprise the four counties in the semi-finals of the all-Ireland. If you can’t appreciate how spooky that is because you don’t follow any GAA, it’s pretty fucking spooky.

Anyway today I am taking on people who say we need more women in charge. Do we really need more women in charge? I mean, seriously, think about it, do we REALLY need more women in charge?

Well, let’s take a look at the records of some other female leaders shall we? Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady who wasn’t for turning, her economic legacy is still felt today by people in the poorest parts of Britain, her little temper tantrum in the Falklands left 907 people dead in 74 days and do I even need to mention her work in the North? Margaret Thatcher was definitely one of the most stubborn politicians in history, such atrocities committed on behalf of her sex – disappointing. She really did let the side down with what she did with her time. So, I speak directly to the people of Northern England who were hit badly by Thatcher’s deindustrialisation, do you really want another woman in? Well, Thatcher wasn’t to be the last female Prime Minister, it seems the Brits just didn’t learn their lesson. To be fair, nobody actually asked for Theresa May did they? She sort of just ended up there because she was the only dickhead stupid enough to want the job, on the other hand though she did get back in albeit at a loss of 13 seats and a working majority – disappointing. Theresa May’s behaviour as Home Secretary is not to be ignored either, she doesn’t believe in the Human rights Act, she refused to partake in naval rescues of refugees in the mediterranean sea post-Brexit and her immigration policies during her tenure are estimated to have split up to 33,000 families up. Do we seriously still want a woman in charge? How can I place my trust in a female politician when they are all war criminals and racists?

Shall I continue? Ok, Arlene Foster, a total and obvious homophobe, defended Sammy Wilson after he was caught on video agreeing to ‘get the ethnics out’ and obviously the interview with Jonathan Bell still lives fresh in my memory – this was when it turned out Arlene had knowingly insisted on keeping the RHI scheme operating at a loss of up to £650m, entirely to save face.

Still have an appetite for a female leader? Well, Marine Le Pen is another example of a racist woman politician, she’s French and serves as the leader of the National Rally or National Front party in France. She made a run at the Presidency in 2017 against Macron with her main policy seeming to be de-Islamisation, need I say more? She also opposes same-sex marriage if that wasn’t enough – there, you should now be convinced that the last thing we need is another women at the helm, anywhere in the world ever.

You don’t seriously want a return to this?

Now, what is it about women politicians that makes them such insufferable, terroristic and power-greedy war criminals? I’m not sure but I know that Thatcher, Le Pen and Foster all hate/hated gay people and that is not okay. It’s just unbelievable to me that more people aren’t looking at historical accounts of women in power. If you take a look at any history book you can clearly see, they cannot be trusted. Better yet, Diane Abbott, who actually isn’t a racist or a homophobe, can’t retain numerical information. You want me to put my trust in the hands of a sex that suffer from innumeracy? Not likely!

If I needed any more evidence to back up my well-formed and coherent view, I simply point to Boris Johnson. That’s right, BoJo has this argument wrapped up, he took office following the failure of yet another woman politician in 2017, the Tories were left without a working majority and had to rely on the DUP to prop them up – lol at the DUP. Boris to the rescue, yes, it turns out all the Brexit negotiations needed were a man’s man, not only did he sort out the Brexit deal for the good of all of the UK’s citizens but he returned to Parliament with a whopping 365 seats – impressive.

Now, if that wasn’t enough to truly cement in your head that women can’t lead then consider this, the 2016 presidential election was the battle of the sexes nobody knew was happening. That’s right, the Donald took on that innumerate bitch, Hilary Clinton, and won resoundingly – no surprises there. He proved once and for all that men are more popular than women. I mean, I was so confident that the great people of the United States would make the correct choice between the two sexes that I placed a bet on Donald J. Trump to win at 5/1, but then again, I’m a male.

Throughout history women leaders have let us down, they’ve committed atrocities spanning the globe all the way from racial persecution to discrimination of males. I pray that we never allow another woman into power, it’s just a shame that I seem to be the only one smart enough to work this out. If the public don’t wake up soon we risk putting another female in a position of power and there’s no predicting how that might end. But, I’m a man so I can see it already – Kamala Harris and the might of the U.S. Navy against the civilians of Georgetown, Guyana, oh how I despair. All of this is panning out before our very eyes and it’s the duty of all men and women to prevent anything like this happening, which is why it’s so very important for me to get the word out – women in power have consistently committed crimes against humanity and can never be trusted with the reigns of power again.

So, we can’t have a woman leader at all Seán? How can we be so sure that men are better leaders? Well; Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Mao, Saddam Hussein, Mugabe, Mussolini, Franco – to name a few of the trustworthy and compassionate men who have led their respective countries to great successes.

Edit number 2: Such a shame that I have to do this, for anybody that didn’t get it – it’s funny because men have obviously committed all of the same offences times 1,000,000,000 and the article ignores this. That’s the joke, so sad.

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