25/11/20 – Street Justice, Inefficencies and COVID Conspiracies🙄

Alright folks, it’s another day where I don’t know what to write about and I want to get this done pretty quickly. That said, please don’t judge my grammar too hard, this is all coming straight off the top of my head.

Alright, there was a video on Facebook recently of some fella picking a fight with a McDonald’s bouncer in Belfast town, the fella got the bouncer in a headlock and the bouncer responded by slamming him onto the ground. Since the video has been uploaded there’s been a bit of discussion, the guy who got slammed is apparently not the nicest fella and he’s now in intensive care with a bleed in his brain. This is when it gets controversial, he’s picking a fight with the bouncer, he’s a bit of a known scumbag and so a lot of people felt that he got what was coming. I don’t really agree though, I disagree because it could kill somebody to do that. The best way I can describe it is this – bouncers are not paid to fight people, they’re paid to protect patrons and this usually involves subduing or removing a threat. Lads, slamming someone onto concrete is just fucking dangerous, the bouncer clearly trains in MMA and shouldn’t have done that, if the fella dies it’ll be on the bouncer because of excessive force. Yes, he’s attacking the bouncer, but that isn’t self-defence and you’d like to think someone with the ability to slam somebody like that would use that ability slightly more sparingly…as in, in competition and only competition. It’s really the same thing as paedophile hunters, luring paedophiles into sexting to compile evidence is fine, videoing a confrontation and outing the person isn’t. For a start, it could be the wrong person, you can’t be sure you’ve got the correct person and accusing someone of being a paedophile when they aren’t is distasteful, to say the least. The second problem I have with them is this, if they were such do gooders, as they love to claim, then surely their work is done once they get enough evidence to convict someone or is that not enough? Doesn’t seem to be for most, they disregard the danger of putting up a stream of someone calling them a paedophile, they fail to consider the effect on that person’s family and that they, likely, haven’t done anything wrong. If you want to catch paedophiles then become a police officer, similarly, if you wish to slam people into the ground then do it in the gym or in a fight, not on the job. Street justice is seriously dangerous, because those that carry it out usually seem to not consider the consequences. Also, bouncers in general tend to be arseholes, I know they have to deal with drunk people but they’re paid well to do it.

I think I’ve figured out the problem with this country and the politicians here, want me to share? Too bad, you don’t get a choice, here goes – in the North, (and South for that matter), it’s all about appearances isn’t it? It’s always about appearing to be doing something, looking green, being seen to be taking action or showing a face. That’s the fucking story of politics in Northern Ireland, that’s why we don’t get anything done and why so much of our publicly funded projects run late and over budget. We’re just so fucking relaxed about everything, it’s always ‘it’ll be grand’, but what if it isn’t grand? What about all the times that someone has said or thought, ‘it’ll be grand’, and it hasn’t been grand? How many lives would you say have been lost to people settling for less than the best? Loads probably, have a look at our health service – the least efficient public health care system in our cosmos. On a serious note, the North will never get anywhere when our politicians don’t care about enacting real change, they care about being seen to enact real change. Fuck, I would love to be an MLA, honestly I would give so much to be like Mr Allister and just go about criticising everyone else. That’s what’s so good about not being in government, isn’t it? You get to criticise without having to offer any alternatives, this brings me to my next point.

This morning, on This Morning, there was an opinion poll on, what I will refer to as the ‘Christmas break’, the break in restrictions between the 23rd and the 27th, the poll was 70% disagree. Hold on a fucking second, how many of those 70% can offer alternative arrangements and furthermore, how many are still going to avail of the break? I mean, I am truly over the whole COVID malarkey but, I haven’t turned to conspiracy theories just yet. Guys, before accusing the government of wanting to kill businesses, think about the potential motives they could have for that…there are no potential motives. I get that the hospitality sector are melted because they can’t open, but seriously, youse aren’t the only fucking ones, this is a worldwide issue, across the world hospitality is having to be restricted, nobody wants this and it’s ridiculous to act like they do. Every decision to increase restrictions is unwelcome by the politicians responsible for doing that. They don’t want to keep people indoors, they don’t want to shut restaurants, but until there is an alternative, you can stop complaining.

It’s crazy that the world is so full of extremes. You ask people to think before they believe something, to try and combat fake news, and what we’re left with is what seems to be known as the, ‘tin hat parade’. I didn’t call anyone that, this is merely an observation that sceptics tend to call conspiracy theorists crazy. I don’t mind a conspiracy theory when it makes sense, but it makes no sense for anybody to want lockdown, nobody is better off in lockdown. Trust me, if somebody is managing to make money during lockdown, then they could definitely make more outside of lockdown. Just consider motives before you go accusing governments of conspiring against the masses, bearing in mind they rely on the public to keep them in a job.

That went well, not reading it back, see you tomorrow!

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