27/11/20 – I’m Moving to Tuvalu 🇹🇻 and F**k Bus Lanes

It is officially the 27th day of my challenge and the end is creeping ever closer. I haven’t put too much thought into what to do with the blog after November. Can I really be bothered doing another writing challenge? Definitely not, I was thinking more along the lines of making it a habit, even just for the meditative value. My thoughts are so much less cluttered since I’ve started writing, it’s weird but I feel like when I write I’m leaving my thoughts on the page, before I had to remember them to preserve them. Yeah, perhaps one or two blogs a week about random things, nobody will be reading but maybe it would be good to look back on.

I was going to write about mental health but I’m not sure I want to, life is so dreary at the moment it might be good to choose a more positive topic. That said, it would be good if I had a more positive topic. I suppose I could write about Tuvalu, a country I watched a video on. It’s a tiny collection of islands in the Pacific ocean, the population is about 11,000. The country is sinking because of rising sea levels but anyway, its basically a road in the middle of the ocean. I’d love to visit Tuvalu, the people are of Polynesian descent, they all seem pretty cool and they practice communal living. I found that most interesting, people prepare food and set it out in the town meeting place for anybody to come and eat. The males in Tuvalu choose a mate to become their brother when they’re in adolescence and when they grow up and have a family, the two ‘brothers’ will live side by side and raise their families together. It’s all about cooperation and there’s definitely lessons to be learnt from the Tuvaluans. Honestly, there’s something about being so in the middle of nowhere, entirely exposed and at the mercy of the ocean – I think that might be key in cooperative living. In order to live cooperatively, humans have to have reason to, in Tuvalu the people don’t have a choice. Their way of life is simple but Island living isn’t easy and they’ve obviously worked out that it makes sense to work together for each other. Fuck, do you know how badly I’d love to up and move to Tuvalu tomorrow? Get a job on a fishing boat or something, get a real tan and I’d be known as ‘The Irish Guy’. Damn, that all sounds pretty nice, I have to say.

Pretty sick or what? That’s the entire country.

Life is strange isn’t it? I think humans are so interesting, I literally don’t enjoy anything as much as I enjoy listening to other people’s ideas. I love talking to people who think differently than me as long as they are reasonable human beings. I’ve said this in previous blogs but, the thing that makes me love humans so much is friction. I enjoy differences, I like the differences in cultural values and behaviours, it fascinates me. The craziest thing is language, how humans communicate is what sets them apart from every other species. We are so good at communicating ideas, that’s what allows for innovation and invention.

That’s all a bit heavy, what about this? How would you vote in a referendum on bus lanes? Would you vote to abolish them and make them ordinary lanes, or do you support this jihad? I absolutely have no time for bus lanes, I hate them with a passion. I just cannot understand how you can justify them, I understand how you might try, but not how you could actually justify them at all. They’re the biggest waste of time, money and effort. Where is the sense in taking up an entire lane which could alleviate traffic? What ever happened to the many versus the few? I think abolishing bus lanes would benefit far more people than it would hinder. Let’s be honest, we’re such a small part of the world that bus lanes in Belfast aren’t going to prevent a melting ice cap, if you feel me. That in mind, what about a week-long trial? We open bus lanes to the public motorist, no more of this discrimination against the common man or woman. As I have stated before, I love my morning commute and I must say, bus lanes being made available for public use would make a hell of a difference. Think about how much money would be saved in policing of bus lanes too.

I drove past some fellas setting out cones on Lisburn’s main road on Sunday morning at half 10 in the morning. All I could think was, ‘if you’d started at 6, you’d be 4 hours in by now.’ Literally, what was preventing them from starting earlier? I know that they chose a Sunday, but to be honest last Sunday was crazy traffic everywhere anyway. It just seems illogical to me, what could they have been doing that morning that meant they couldn’t start until half 10? The thing is, these guys are all just contractors, I wonder if the contractors or the commissioner decide the start time, probably the commissioner. That would mean these poor fellas need to stand there being hated by everyone and it isn’t even their faults. I’m sure they’re paid nicely though, speaking of contractors apparently if you know someone in this government you’re 10 times as likely to land a government contract, astonishing really. It’s all so corrupt, the thing is that Labour and all the other parties are the exact same. All politicians are cut from the same cloth and it’s definitely a shady business.

So, tomorrow is the third last day of my challenge, holy shit, I can’t believe it’s all finally happening. I think I’ll definitely have to put some effort in over the next two days to make sure my blogs are top notch. We want to finish strong don’t we? Well, I haven’t cheated on the blog yet, by this I mean written two blogs in one day and published them as two separate days. No, I’ve written at least 1,000 words every single day, no days missed and that’s how we’re going to finish. We’re less than $50 off our goal as we wind up here, if you’ve made it this far a donation would be appreciated.

See you tomorrow!

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