29/11/20 – Why God Isn’t Real and Death By Judge ☠️

Right, it’s the second last day and I’ve left this to the last minute to do, I’ve got work tomorrow and I wanna get this done nice and quickly. That said, whilst I’m glad I did this and I’m happy with the outcome, I am so relieved it’s nearly over. The fact that it’s lasted for an entire month, it will make not having to do it even better.

Alright, I was kind of putting off writing about religion but here we go. Before I start, these are all my views, most of them are exaggerated and it’s up to you, the reader, to distinguish between the two. Okay, I don’t believe in anything at all, honestly, I am entirely a non-believer. I genuinely think that we’re here by chance, we’re just a tiny blip in the history of the universe and we’ll be gone before we know it. I think that religion falls under the same bracket as ghosts and conspiracy theories. Think about this, all of those three things are born from a gap in human understanding, we don’t know why we’re here and so we just start guessing. The main reason that I don’t believe in any higher power is because, given the facts, having thought about it extensively, it just seems really very unlikely. There are too many gaps, if there was a god, I struggle to believe that he/she would hide themselves. It makes literally no sense for a god to demand blind faith, why would they do that? It’s like in Elf when Santa’s sleigh runs off Christmas spirit, the demand for blind faith is the exact same thing. I wish I was a really faithful believer in Christ or something, but I’m just not, I can’t get enthusiastic when I don’t believe it. It’s the same reason I refuse to watch The Crown, how can you be interested in altered history? If it didn’t actually happen then I’m not interested and I find it hard to believe in a man in the sky. The idea of holy books make no sense either by the way, the obvious argument being that the Bible has so many bizarre  requests of Christians, stoning etc. Obviously, by today’s standards stoning adulterers is not widely accepted, but according to the Good Book it’s a moral obligation for any and all God-fearing Christians. I don’t believe any of the religious factions give a convincing argument, they are all filled with mystical stories that we know to be false, how can you actually rely on the Bible for guidance in life? I get the moral value of the Bible, Crusaders will argue that all modern laws are derived from the Bible and to be honest, that’s just fucking false. In Viking society, cold-blooded murder was punishable by slow death, way before the Bible was kicking about. If the Greeks outlawed murder how can you argue that we only got that from the Bible? Give me a break please and thank you. Now, if you believe in a god and you’re devout to your religion, then I commend you. Honestly, I envy those with strong spiritual beliefs, it’s like a superpower really, isn’t it? You can go into every situation with the overarching confidence that your god has got your back, pretty useful. I stumble through life with an alternative approach, if anything ever happens that makes me despair I just think back to first year in Rathmore. The homework policy at the time was that you got three strikes per subject, until you got a letter home to your parents. I hated homework, still do and I promise that if I ever go into politics I’ll campaign for a ban. That said, I basically just put homework off until the day and copied it on the bus or in the toilets before class, sometimes that didn’t work out though. Yeah, for one reason or another, I didn’t always manage to get the homework done which resulted in a ‘no homework’ on the system. Now, with hindsight, it seems ridiculous to have gotten stressed over something so small but at the time, it’s a totally different story, it feels like the end of the world. I got that feeling every single time I got a ‘no homework’, which was a lot, and yet, I survived every single time. So, if life ever gets me down and feels like it’s ending, I just recall all the times I thought it was ending in school and that it never did. No matter what happens on any given day, the sun will still rise and set as it always has and the world doesn’t stop spinning for anyone.

August 2014, still relevant, notice that the US don’t recognise it as an effective deterrent, but the Brits know best.

Glad I got that out, I didn’t actually make many jokes to be honest, feel like taking out my disclaimer at the start, that would mean less words though… I’ll leave it. Next on the agenda for tonight, the death penalty. If there was a referendum in the UK tomorrow, to decide the legality of capital punishment, it would honestly be 50/50 – that’s fucking crazy. How can a society seriously take the lives of any of its citizens? It’s hilarious that in the US, so many support the death penalty but then say that only God has the right to end life…okay lads. I don’t support the death penalty in any way, shape or form. It seems like such a totally unintelligent view to support capital punishment, what gives a court the right to take life? How can you reasonably argue that ‘an eye for an eye’ is a good way to operate? It genuinely only takes an emotionally mature adult to recognise the flaw in that logic. I don’t know, I just think that if you hold citizens to a standard in law, then special privileges shouldn’t be reserved for use by judges. What the fuck qualifies a judge to take life? In case we’ve all lost our minds, the main principle that the Western world lives by is equality, where is the equality in that? Aside from all of the mishaps throughout history, it creates a slippery slope when you start normalising execution. I thought we left execution in the past, a referendum in the UK might just prove me wrong.

Wow, I’ll be back tomorrow for the final day, fuck am I excited.

See you then.

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