04/11/20 – Mourning Trump

Before you read this, read this.

The only people who want to be President are egos who want to leave their mark so they’re inherently selfish people (arseholes), this consistently makes the US Presidential election a ‘better of two evils’ type scenario.

The way I try to view everything to do with anything political is that everybody else thinks they’re as right as you think you are and that some human beings are able to rationalise suicide bombing to themselves so don’t ever be surprised at people’s ability to be unreasonable.

Our opinions should change and develop, changing your opinion isn’t admitting you were wrong so much as it is acknowledging you didn’t have a full understanding, if your opinion doesn’t change it doesn’t mean you’re principled it means you’re stubborn.

OK now, if I voted yesterday I would’ve voted for Trump, I don’t want a return to Obama’s presidency, it was rubbish. Trump is a w*nker, a complete narcissist and I don’t think that there’s a compassionate bone in his body, he’s seemingly willing to step on anyone’s toes to get to where he wants to be. He’s a winner and all he cares about is achievement and winning. If you hate him and want to say he is a loser then that’s fine but look at where he is and look at where you are but whatever. Listen, none of these things make for a good leader and he isn’t a good leader but he is a winner. That’s why he doesn’t care about scrounging votes from the far right fringes of American society (racists). And whilst a highly civilised individual who holds high regard for etiquette like you or I might raise an eyebrow or two at Trump’s harsh political rhetoric that doesn’t matter because look at what happened. The belief that I have is that Trump is there, you can get offended by him which is what he wants or you can consume the content that he produces with several tablespoons of salt and laugh about it. I like laughing a lot more than getting offended so I choose that.

So then, if Trump is so bad why would I have voted for him? Simply put, I don’t trust Biden or Trump but because Biden is a slippery career politician whose opinions seem to change with the wind it means I trust Trump more. When Trump lies to a press conference you know he’s lying and he knows he’s lying, it’s not a secret. But Biden doesn’t lie, he slips in and out, tells half-truths and anytime it gets too tough for him he just fires at Trump. The worst thing about Trump’s presidency in my opinion is the whole ICE situation, you’d like to think that’d be fairly straightforward to put right which shows he really doesn’t care one bit. But before you focus too hard on that go and look at Biden’s track record – it’s pretty poor too and it’s certainly not indicative of the cool liberal dude the left has tried to sell in order to oust Trump. I’d consider myself centre left, I refuse to be constrained by attaching myself to a political party or ideology, I just think what I think and say as I please because I’m a 20 year old from Ireland like what the fuck do I know about US politics? So whilst I am centre left and my views do align more with Biden’s supposed views how does it make any sense for me to side with Trump? Well I believe that Trump is a pro-business, free market capitalist. I struggle to believe there’s a left wing bone in Biden’s body and it sickens me that these right wing Conservative politicians worm their way into a left wing party and benefit from working class votes. I’ll quicker vote for the right winger who believes in what they’re saying before I’ll vote for a populist who’s saying what they know I want to hear.

Ultimately it looks to be a return to porridge with Biden tipped to win the 2020 Presidential election. Obama enters his third term only this time he’s a different race. No I’m only messing but on a more serious note I do feel a certain sense of loss. I began studying politics in 2016, the same year as the Brexit referendum, the same year Trump got in and only a few months later the NI Executive collapsed. I recall in 2016 discussing with my classmates how exceptional the political circumstances were compared to the status quo. You’d think we chose a really good year to study politics, ya see the real issue is that politics is exhausting and politics seems to have been on a crazy heroin binge since 2016 that it might actually be coming down off. But for those four years it’s been tough, the news has been repetitive and repetitively negative at that. But I’ve grown used to it, it’s all I’ve ever known. I mean I know there was a world of status quo politics before me but I haven’t lived it. But I think we may enter a new era in politics with Bidens election in the return to the middle ground. Hence my sense of loss, I feel like a strange subconscious section of my being is prematurely mourning the loss of one of the most polarising Presidents to have ever served. He’s been a constant source of gossip and entertainment, he’s made the UK look so much better than it is for four years now and that’s all about to end. He’s grown as a phenomenon since he was elected. The eternal battle between Trump and the media has got to be the highlight of his presidency. I mean the amount of clips and soundbites that have been compiled is a gift that mankind will appreciate for years to come. I don’t know if it’s good or bad but I feel like we entered politics together and I’ve spent so long hating him that now, in an ironic way I think I’m actually a bit sad to see him go.

So I hope you’re all pleased with yourselves, we’ll all go back to dozing off in front of the 10 o’clock news now whenever boring old “Slippy” Joe crawls out into the Rose Garden leaving behind a trail of blue sludge, so standard, such a career politician. Worst of all he’s a bloody commie! Oh wait, no he isn’t, he’s not even really left wing at all in fact. It’s almost as though Biden has just rolled with his association with the left in order to gain votes from the hard left! That would be bloody treasonous. In fact, if you think about it… It’s almost like what Trump did with the hard right! The only difference being obviously that Trump publicly played up to the fringes whereas Biden has just floated by under the radar in a blue submarine armed with a nuke sized political magnet picking up hard left votes unchecked. Despicable.

Now, obviously I’m just poking fun at Biden. But I’ve got to make a confession, I’ve been using Biden’s spoken blips as an argument against him being president by saying that he’s past it etc. If I’m honest though, when I first started paying attention to him to my surprise I didn’t actually think he was incoherent. I think his teeth are definitely too big for his mouth so he doesn’t enunciate very well but you can tell he’s actually pretty sharp.

It might be an idea for 2021 that humans could make a conscious effort to stop discounting successful people who have opposing views literally just because they have opposing views. Put simply, if you’ve served 8 years as Vice-President of the United States of America then you’re a success story, doesn’t matter what anyone says. If you are a multi-billionaire and you are the President of the United States of America for any amount of time then you’re a success. Like these guys don’t just find themselves in the White House, they’re highly capable, intelligent men who only present to the media what they please. Trump is, at the heart of it, the world’s biggest wind-up merchant. When he says those inflammatory things that make your Ma want to order a hit, he knows exactly what he’s doing. Because whether you like it or not, Trump is an entertainer at heart and a performer and obviously it helps being a manipulative domineering personality who shows little empathy or compassion for anyone. He just doesn’t give a fuck which would be great if he were only an entertainer but he’s not, he’s been serving as President for four years now and I think he might’ve pushed the electorate just a bit too far this time.

To close, take everything I’ve said lightly, I don’t put any real weight in my opinions so you shouldn’t either.

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