24/11/20 – F**k Marathons and Why I Love Jim Allister 🇬🇧

Good evening world, it’s been raining all day and it’s pretty depressing, but maybe this could help. There are only three things which I’m ashamed to tell people I dislike, every other piece of English that comes out of my mouth I’m proud of…mostly. Okay, the first thing that I dislike is running. That’s right,Continue reading “24/11/20 – F**k Marathons and Why I Love Jim Allister 🇬🇧”

23/11/20 – Not A Misogynist, Still Hate Victoria Derbyshire

Hello again, today is the 23rd day of my challenge to write 1,000 words a day for the full month of November. Yesterday, I received the most flak I’ve received yet. This is because nobody can take a joke obviously. So, yesterday’s blog was an incredibly sarcastic piece about why women shouldn’t be world leaders.Continue reading “23/11/20 – Not A Misogynist, Still Hate Victoria Derbyshire”

22/11/20 – Why We Shouldn’t Trust Women to Lead🤷‍♀️

Edit: I was going to leave this until tomorrow’s blog to reveal but I’ve already received too much flak. My intention in writing this was to test how many would read to the bottom – few have patience for sarcasm nowadays. Cheer up. Well folks, it’s a lovely Sunday evening and I’m ready to writeContinue reading “22/11/20 – Why We Shouldn’t Trust Women to Lead🤷‍♀️”


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