23/11/20 – Not A Misogynist, Still Hate Victoria Derbyshire

Hello again, today is the 23rd day of my challenge to write 1,000 words a day for the full month of November. Yesterday, I received the most flak I’ve received yet. This is because nobody can take a joke obviously.

So, yesterday’s blog was an incredibly sarcastic piece about why women shouldn’t be world leaders. The premise of the article was a rather funny one, I set out a totally ignorant view that women can’t be trusted to lead, my argument was that if we look at previous women leaders they’ve behaved inappropriately in the past and therefore we can’t trust women as leaders. I used four female leaders as examples, Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May, Arlene Foster and Marine Le Pen – all obviously terrible people. Then I listed some of their weaknesses e.g. homophobic views, economic failures and political mishaps. I then talked about Diane Abbott and her numerical mishaps – remarking that women as a sex suffered from innumeracy. Now, this seems totally obviously a joke by this stage, but some people can’t help themselves, they crave the feeling of offense. So, I got a few messages, not loads like but some and they were all pretty negative or inquisitive. I mean, I thought it was funny.

The joke was that the article completely ignored men altogether, the only time I spoke about men was in a positive light and of course I only spoke negatively of women. If you read the full blog then you would have seen the ending when I revealed all of my inspirations – some of the world’s worst dictators. Again, a joke that seemed to go straight over a lot of heads or perhaps it was just ignored. That’s the thing I think, people can read an article and agree with the entire thing but if they find one thing offensive it disregards all of the things they agreed with. This might be a broader problem with humans in general though, we always focus on the negatives. Look, if you took that blog seriously you’re looking for a fight, if you read it and thought, ‘he can’t be serious’, it’s because I wasn’t being serious.

Obviously women are just as capable as men to lead, some men may take issue with strong women but I definitely don’t. I’ve been in a relationship for 5 years with my girlfriend Katie and she’s most certainly not a pushover. That’s what I love about her, I don’t want a girlfriend that’s going to blow smoke up my arse, I love that Katie challenges me and has no problem putting me in my place. To me, an agreeable person is a weak person and if I’m being honest, I don’t particularly like weak people. I’m not saying you can’t be nice and strong at the same time, but nice and agreeable are two different things. Honestly though, you need only speak to Katie for a few minutes before you realise I don’t have a problem with strong women. I don’t say that because I have to defend myself as it was comedic, but just in case anyone thinks this is me backtracking I’d like to be perfectly clear – meet my girlfriend of 5 years and tell me I have an issue with women.

It actually does baffle me that anyone could seriously believe that I don’t think women are capable of leading, not only because it’s ridiculous but also because of the piss poor examples I gave. Trust me, I don’t like Margaret Thatcher but you shouldn’t compare her to Stalin or Hitler, they’re just not the same. Truth be told, women have obviously carried out far fewer atrocities than men which adds to the irony of it all. But, irony is lost on many nowadays, it seems to slip through the ‘offensive filter’, when these grumpy holes all go reading they scan each line searching for the all important trigger, the trigger which allows them to latch on and never shut the fuck up.

OK, I’m not disclaiming anymore sarcasm for the rest of the blog, if you don’t get it, you don’t deserve it. On a serious note, I’ve been watching I’m a Celebrity and does anyone like Victoria Derbyshire? I mean she is my arch nemesis and she doesn’t even know it, how cute, she’s living her life in that castle in Wales completely unaware of my growing hatred for her. She will never know how much I hate her but I do hate her so much. She is just the most condescending, self-righteous type of arsehole isn’t she? She’s that person who makes you roll your eyes every time she goes to breathe, makes me roll my eyes then. I don’t care about anything she has to say and the sooner she’s off my television screen, the better. For those that aren’t watching, her show got cancelled by the BBC in May and she’s so annoying she’s not been able to land work since, hence the fact she’s on I’m a Celebrity. It’s just a shame that she’s gone on it, it’ll do nothing for her career unfortunately, it’s simply exposed her irritating personality.

On another note, somebody has died taking part in Total Wipeout US, pretty nuts if you ask me. Can you imagine for one second waking up the day you’re finally going on Total Wipeout with literally no idea it would be the last thing you ever did. Total Wipeout like…how do you explain that to the family if you’re the TV show? Has the TV show even prepared for that? I’m just surprised it’s happened on Total Wipeout honestly, think of the years of Fear Factor and Takeshi’s Castle and nobody has ever died. In fact, the UK managed 7 Series of Total Wipeout, it found its way to the US but was cancelled, revamped this year and the yanks have already got blood on their hands.

Funny that for such a great country that has so much to say about other countries, they don’t seem to spend much time apologising for killing 226,000 innocent Japanese people. Just funny when you consider how much the Germans apologise for the Holocaust.

Just some food for thought, back tomorrow.

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