Regarding Covid Vaccines…

Hello, it’s been a long time but I’ve got something to say and if, by some miracle, I take this up again then all good.

A few different vaccines have been manufactured, lots of people have gotten them and almost none of them have had serious negative reactions to them. Now, allow me to illustrate something as I believe it might make for a change in perception.

In the UK, the system for recording serious negative reactions to any Covid vaccine is called the ‘Yellow Card System’. It essentially records any serious reaction to the vaccine and flags it as a ‘Yellow Card’. All of this data is totally public by the way and it’s updated regularly. In NI as of 11/08/21 there were 2,329,717 doses of the vaccine administered and out of all of these there were 4,810 Yellow Card cases. This works out at a rate of 0.2%, meaning 1 in every 484 had a serious negative reaction.

If you’re confused as to where I stand, you’re about to understand and before you start pointing out inconsistencies, I genuinely don’t care, this is the easiest way to highlight the ridiculousness of some of this carry-on.

In the UK, 1 in every 200 adults has a nut allergy which is a rate of 0.5%. The theory then goes that if you replaced the Covid vaccine with a bowl of nuts and administered 2,329,717 doses in NI, you would be expecting 10,000+ serious negative reactions and disregarding epipens for dramatic effect, you’d get a good few deaths….as opposed to 4,810 serious negative reactions.

Can you believe Cadbury’s and all those other chocolate manufacturers have been getting away with this? All these goddamn years and they’ve been lying to us! Argghhhhhhhh!

Dear sheeple, if I gave 10,000,000 people a bowl of nuts each, more would die from allergic reactions than if I administered any of the Covid vaccines to the same 10,000,000 people – are you still gonna take your chances with that Dairy Milk bar? Seriously? It says it could contain nuts…you know that means there could be peanuts in there right? Geez! Society has coerced and bullied us into accepting chocolate as a normal part of life. The Dairy Milk ad with the drummer gorilla never mentioned all those who have succumbed to chocolate over the years. Ever heard a news anchor from the mainstream media expose nut allergies? Of course you haven’t! That would hardly suit their agenda, would it now? Big cocoa is paying off the media to not report negative stories about them, isn’t this common knowledge in 2021?!?!

It’s actually that fucking stupid, if you are one of the people who think the vaccine poses any real of threat to your life I want you to know that you actually do sound that fucking ridiculous.

Obviously not condemning chocolate, I’m instead illustrating, for those afraid of the vaccine, how silly they’re truly being.

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