17/11/20 – If Everyone’s Naked, Nobody Is

Well lads, it’s day 17 and away we go.

So I’ve been playing a new game on my Xbox recently, the old one of course because all the snotty-nosed greasy-fingered 3 year olds got all the Series X preorders but nevermind, that’s all behind me. So, although I’ve had to settle for playing on an ancient machine…I have found a new game I’m enjoying, it’s called The Long Dark and its’ basic premise is this, your plane crashes in the Canadian wilderness and you’re the sole survivor. That’s it, that’s the game, you get one life and you just have to survive. You can die any number of ways, dirty water, raw food, exposure or an infected wound. It’s really fun in my opinion, it’s literally the perfect game for me and there’s a few different reasons for that; it’s a single player game so I can play it at my own pace, the objective of the game is simple, the world is free roam, it’s snowy which makes me feel cosy to play and lastly, the consequences are final so the stakes are high. My first go at it I managed to die from dysentery on the second day, not great. However, I’m on my second game now and I’ve survived for 8 days 3 hours and 38 minutes. The best thing about the game is that it is actually pretty boring but it’s realistic, I love that in a game. My favourite genre of game is definitely RPGs or role playing games. The basic premise is that you take on the role of a character but in recent years it’s come to mean more than that. When I say I love RPGs I really mean that I love open-world RPGs where your decisions affect your outcomes.

Anywho, one of the main threats in the game are wolves and I ran into two of them yesterday night while exploring. Thankfully, I wasn’t hurt but it got me thinking. The thing is when you’re in this game and you’re just out in the wilderness all by yourself you are part of the food chain. If you go and live in the wild and take your place in the food chain it would probably make you feel pretty small. As humans we have no natural predators, they’re all extinct. We literally have nothing to worry about, if we get attacked by a bear it’s usually because we’re in their territory, not very many people get mauled to death by a bear in their own homes. We very seldom partake in the traditional food chain, we prefer to take part in our own artificial food chain where we pay for others to raise, kill, prepare and cook our food. If you really think about it we are probably so far removed from what we looked like 10,000 years ago. If we were still active as hunter gatherers and living entirely sustainably as part of the natural food chain then do you think we’d have so many obese people? Not to fat shame anybody, I have nothing to say about physical appearances. I’m thinking more along the lines of, would we all be jacked? Probably not jacked but I’d say we’d be pretty fit. This ideal of going back to nature and living completely off the land is so attractive in our minds for some reason, think about it, do you really want to have to hunt to eat? No, of course you don’t, who the fuck would bother finding, tracking and hunting an animal to eat? Try hards, I know, but fuck try hards, truth is we live entirely for convenience. Since our natural predators have gone extinct and we’ve not had to worry about danger from nature we’ve been left for centuries to just make stuff and fight with each other.

That’s literally all history is, we’ve invented technology for our entire existence, it used to be geared towards hunting and building, then war and now convenience. I think there’s a slight change in technological focus coming in the next few years however. I think countries have been pretending to care about sustainability for like 30 years now and it’s finally caught up with them. More and more countries are getting serious about climate change but I have an issue. My major issue is the fact that, it seems, as soon as we start talking about carbon neutrality common sense flies out the window. Zero emissions by 2030? Catch yourself on for crying out loud, that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. It took man thousands of years to discover fossil fuels and you can’t undo that technological progress in 10 years. Do these people realise how much time, money and effort has gone into the fossil fuels industry over the past 200 years to get it to where it is today? Definitely not, if it’s taken us 200 years to get this sophisticated with fossil fuels we can predict it’ll probably take longer than 10 years to become sophisticated in renewables. Because if we’re honest, the world has been spoofing that they’re investing heavily in renewables. I’m sure there’s somebody out there that knows something about how all the biggest investors in renewable energy are big energy companies, but that’s not me. I don’t know who’s doing it but I do know it’s not been getting done. We’re advancing so fast in all other areas but solar is too complex? It’s been about for decades for fucks sake.

Do you know what the worst part about it is? They’ll sell you an electric car, for an extortionate price, to make you feel like you’re doing your part – what they don’t tell you is how much carbon was emitted in the production and transportation of that vehicle. I guarantee you it’s a lot more than you think and herein lies the issue. No matter what we do as people it’s ultimately up to the ones with the money. Money controls everything in our society and in order to solve an issue it requires a lot of people with a lot of money to all agree that it’s the best course of action. The problem with capitalism is that it creates this hostile, competitive environment. It’s the same as when you’re in the airport and it’s 20 minutes until the gate opens but all the arseholes are already queuing up, getting everybody else on edge. They’re assigned seats but some humans are so strange that they literally cannot wait to just get on board that aircraft. They so badly want to get on board that aircraft that they’ll literally queue for 20 minutes for nothing. Well, Capitalism works exactly like that, if one really rich guy starts spending all his money on developing solar energy but he’s not making anything then his competitors are getting one up on him. As a person’s wealth diminishes, so do their chances of creating more wealth. But, if everyone all agreed to spend money developing solar energy then nobody would be losing.

If everyone’s naked, nobody is. See you tomorrow.

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