20/11/20 – 4 Day Weeks, IDGAF Style and The DUP…Again

It’s Friday, I’ve got plans tonight so I’ll have to try and be as efficient as possible. I’ll try not to sacrifice quality at the hands of haste.

Why is the working week 5 days long? I mean seriously why does it need to be all 5 days, why can’t we all just do 4 day weeks? I get the bit about competitiveness but to be honest some countries pretty much operate on a 7 day working week and we never followed suit. I think that Monday to Thursday sounds really good, the whole country would be so much happier and willing to work. It would be much easier getting up on Monday mornings knowing you have only 4 days to go. It’s similar to something I talked about in my last blog, the idea that if everyone is naked, nobody is. See, if all the countries in the world just came together and decided to give us all a break then nobody would lose out. The problem is that if one country is working 4 days a week they’ll be less productive than those working 5 days a week, right? Wrong. Think about how much more energy and reserve you’d have during those 4 days, we’re always saying quality over quantity but why shouldn’t that apply to the working week? A shorter week means more free time which should mean more happiness and fingers crossed, productivity over the 4 day period should go up enough to make up for most of the lost day. Obviously, like all of my blogs, this is an incredibly uninformed and purposely simplistic view of the world.

This brings me to my second topic, my writing. Since I’ve started writing I’ve been reading my friends blogs and just more online in general. I’ve been comparing my writing to everyone else’s and mine isn’t really the same. At least, when I read my own writing it doesn’t read like everyone else’s. I don’t know if mine is really different but I feel like my sarcasm makes for light reading, success. If I had to specify how I’d like my writing to be I’d say I try to make it easy to read and very light. Nothing in these blogs is to be taken seriously, obviously there are some good points but these aren’t academic papers, nobody wants to read them and I don’t want to write them. I like the fact that I can just write whatever comes to mind, there’s no consequence to anything I say here because it’s never been my intention to solve world hunger or become a public figure. I’m just writing for fun, it’s for myself to get better at conveying thoughts and for my writing style to develop. All of the content of this blog is to be read with a light heart. I don’t want to offend anyone although I do believe everything I’m writing. Although it’s worth saying this is only because I haven’t done serious research or received a counterargument. To be honest though, I almost don’t want to receive a counterargument. This is my blog, it’s called Marshall’s Law for a reason, I run this whole shit and what I say is to be taken as gospel. If you come to a website named Marshall’s Law and then start questioning everything, have you really gotten the message? It’s my law, all mine, owned and written by Seán Marshall of Lisburn. Most people would read ‘Seán Marshall of Lisburn’ and think, ‘Who the fuck is that?’, well, that’s precisely my point. Who the fuck am I? Well simply put, I’m the fuck who owns this wee website and that’s literally it. I am in no other way qualified to write, but so long as it is my website, I can and will write whatever I want.

Alright, to finish this up I’m going to give a summary opinion on the actions of the DUP. I don’t think the public is angry at the right thing here, they shouldn’t be angry at Robin Swann or health officials for proposing another lockdown. They should be livid with the DUP who completely undermined democracy for the gazillionth time. In the process of throwing a hissy fit the DUP managed to damage public confidence, fuck the entire country’s approach to COVID and disregard well over half of the electorates voices. We elect politicians to Stormont to represent us, it irks me beyond belief that the DUP think they have the right to silence my representatives. The news headlines were so focused on COVID restrictions that they completely bypassed the abuse of the petition of concern. What is perhaps even more frustrating is people saying we should do away with the petition of concern on the back of the DUP’s actions. No fucking way, it stands for so much more than the DUP, the political institutions in this country have taken so long to construct that it should sicken us all that the DUP so blatantly disregard their agreements not to abuse their power. It is a power-sharing executive, the whole country is based on power-sharing being successful and when one group of stubborn bastards all get together in Union Jack attire and decide to hold the country to ransom, I’m sorry but I think it should be reported widely. Now, the same would go for Sinn Féin if they misused the petition of concern which they have done, to block cuts to health care workers. I know, it’s a just cause but the same goes for all, if the democratically elected assembly votes a piece of legislation through, so long as it is not discriminatory, it should enter law. I don’t care what the legislation is, so long as it doesn’t discriminate, it should be law. Cuts to health care workers’ pay is not discriminatory. In fact, the same goes for the Tories when they decided to make same-sex marriage and abortion legal in Northern Ireland. I actually happen to agree with the legalisation of both, abortion is touchy and I’m not getting into it. But, the point stands, that should not have been up to English politicians. We are, like it not, in Northern Ireland and I want to be governed by people from Northern Ireland. We shouldn’t be governed by anyone else, not by the South, not by England, Scotland or Wales but by people who reside and are committed to the six counties which make up the statelet that some people so robustly hate to admit exists. I don’t care what side of the divide you’re on or if you’re in the middle, if you live in the North and you were elected democratically then you should make the laws. Not some English prick who has no idea about our society and definitely not some Dub who thinks we’re all paramilitaries.

We, in this country need to stop selling ourselves short, we should demand clarity and accountability in government. But we shouldn’t turn our backs on Stormont, the workings of some of the best minds in our history. It took so long to get here, let us not take it for granted but work to improve our political institutions and be grateful that we’re not longer in conflict.

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