10/11/20 – The World Owes Me an Xbox

Well lads, I hope you’re having a good week so far. The donations have definitely slowed but I’m betting on there being people with intent to donate who haven’t been paid yet or something. Either way we’ve raised more than we thought we would so no complaining. This is getting ever more challenging now, like I’m sitting down in the evening to write this stuff and it’s just blank. Like I have no idea what to write about. This plays into the fact that I hate myself when I submit something shite. Yesterday’s blog post was substandard to be honest. That took very little thought or effort, I was just rambling on and saying whatever came. Might be hard to tell but in my posts I will usually write it, be editing it the whole way through and finally then I’ll read back through it making adjustments. I think the skill in writing comes in being able to present ideas clearly on paper. Like for example I could write the best piece in the entire world but if it’s not palatable to a reader then it doesn’t matter. I feel like that really comes across in my writing, you can tell how much effort I’ve put in by how good a read it is. That’s something I think I’ll be trying to work on.

Alright, well I said I wouldn’t do this but I’m going to have to because I can’t think of anything else. Yesterday my blog post was all about people who do nothing but feel sorry for themselves and complain. Well today I plan on doing just that. The new Xbox Series X came out today, I got the Xbox One on release and naturally I intended on getting the Series X on release also. The problem arose whenever I went to preorder it two months ago and couldn’t. It said all the preorders were sold out so I was like, ‘Ah well whatever I’ll get it closer to the time’. Little did I fucking know that you couldn’t get one anywhere. So then the news breaks today that Amazon aren’t even delivering all of their consoles on release date. Better yet it’s not even as though they are being delivered by the end of the week, no they said it could be any time the whole way up to and including the 18th December. So now preordering doesn’t even guarantee release date delivery, fucking joke for £450.

Right so this morning I went onto my phone and saw that there were some preorders available at Asda. So when I arrived at work I went on to the Asda website, which has strangely been rebranded as George.com, and got myself a console in the bag. Yup I actually had two Xbox Series X’s in my basket, I know it’s limited to one per purchase so I removed one as I went to checkout. Regardless I pressed on and entered my card details, all the while fighting this horrendous website. Right when I hit pay, boom. It froze, buffered, froze again, buffered some more and the moment it loaded the console was nowhere to be seen, they’d rejected my payment and the console had been sold out. I know somebody is reading this thinking that I never had a console in the first place and that the website just glitched out but trust me I’m not an idiot. Once the console goes into your basket it’s reserved for as long as your session is open, the payment service had an error and instead of bringing me back to the checkout they just ended my session. Hence, I lost my console. Gutted, fucking gutted.

I pressed onward to lunchtime when I refreshed and found out GAME were selling orders to be delivered by the 18th December. I was on my lunch though and you needed to sit in a queue to get on. A quick phone call to my Da revealed that he’d been looking for one all day and that he’d been in the queue for half an hour before I found out about it. Thought that was nice that he was doing that for me so wanted to mention that. Anyway, yeah so he was sitting in the queue for 3 hours and it was all looking good. Then he sent me this image if you can believe it.

A quick scan down that and you might not have spotted it. This image was taken and sent with the caption ‘Bastards’ at 15:10. If you look closely they updated the status at 15:08 saying it was all sold out. Obviously it was a 3 hour wait to this point and it said less than a minute in the queue. Worst of all is that yet again it’s not a glitch that it says less than a minute because even after it sold out it let him onto the website on schedule. Depressed as fuck.

It’s obvious somebody doesn’t want me to enjoy my life at all. They should know that the Xbox Series X means everything to me and that I’m an Xbox fanboy who still owns and uses my Xbox 360 from 2009 and my Day One Xbox One from 2013. Does having 11 years on your Xbox membership mean nothing these days? Worst of all is the fact that all of those orders you just know are probably going to be orders for smelly little ungrateful 5 year olds who don’t even know the difference between an Xbox and a PlayStation. This is a travesty. What am I, a loyal Xboxier, supposed to do about Christmas? How am I meant to look forward to anything this year if I can’t even rest easy knowing I’m an owner of a next gen console? The whole world is so inconsiderate.

OK obviously I recognise that I’m not any more entitled to this console than anybody else…who also was an owner of the previous two consoles and has racked up 11+ years of subscription membership. 🙃

No, all jokes aside, they really have messed up the release in my opinion. I know they’ll blame COVID but like the general information and hype about both consoles has been so shit compared to last time. I honestly can’t comment on the availability of the consoles because I had my Xbox One preordered for months so I naturally never looked for consoles on release as I had to this year. That said though there were way way way more preorders available last time for a fact.

With any luck, I can hang on in there and nab myself a console in the coming days, otherwise I’m gonna have to start housebreaking. Sorry if this wasn’t a very broadly scoped blog post and if it had no relevance to you but that’s all I could come up with today. I think I might have to start asking on my Instagram for ideas but then it’s so much harder to write freely about something somebody else suggested. Anyway, thanks for your time and I’ll be back again tomorrow.

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