09/11/20 – Winners, Losers and why Communism Doesn’t Work

Right, back again, this time we sit at $1,345 of our $1,500 goal so that’s pretty good stuff. I’m really not sure what to write about I think I might just have to let the thoughts flow. Alright well I guess I could just go on a bit of a rant about the world, prepare, I am not going to look up at my screen for probably 15 to 20 minutes and just see what I’ve spewed.

Well I’ll start by saying I cannot fucking deal with losers, by losers I mean people who are constantly victimising themselves. Honestly, the moment you hear one of these insufferable wankers open their mouths you just know you’re going to be hit full force with a 16 hour long anecdotal episode about how their card wouldn’t work in the shop. Seriously shut the fuck up.

Ok, brief pause in the action, I’m in a bit fed up and intend to vent so I’m going to swear a lot in this one, apologies if that makes you uncomfortable. I’m also going to stop disclaiming jokes, you should know not to take this seriously.

And we’re back, yes shut up about things that have gone wrong to you. Now, every now and again you might get a flat tyre, have a bad week etc. and in those cases it’s ok to have a bit of a moan. But these people don’t have the occasional bad day. NO, you know the type I’m talking about that every time they open their mouths they’re complaining about something else that has made their life more difficult. There’s also a funny way to complain when you do so ironically, that’s fine in fact I encourage that. No I’m not talking about people complaining in general but about defeatists…losers essentially. People who think the entire world is against them and that nothing is fair and everyone is out to get them. The world is literally just a random sequence of events, anything can happen to anyone at any moment and when you put things into perspective you’ll realise that so many other worse things could’ve happened to you and didn’t. The real danger lies in feeling sorry for yourself, I can tolerate it for a period like if something bad happens we all like to feel sorry for ourselves and lick our wounds. That’s fine…for a period of time and then it’s like, ‘Fucking get a move on and stop going on about it for once.’ It’s bore from privilege essentially because the people who complain the most are the people that expect everything to be perfect for them and for their lives to be completely hitch free and every time they encounter a hitch they make a big fucking song and dance about it the whole while never once cottoning onto the fact that life is full to the brim of fucking hitches constantly. That’s what most people’s lives are in fact, no, I’m going to go one further and say that is what life is. It’s just a series of fuck ups whether they be made by you or somebody else but these series of fuck ups need human beings to sort them out and that’s what we do. I love this quote from a nerdy medievel video game that me and my mate love it says, ‘Life is just a series of problems and the more problems you solve, the better man you become.’ That is literally how I am attempting to live my life and I may stray from the path and feel all depressed and sorry for myself too but not for long. I hate self-pity it makes me feel small, I just know that there are so many other people out there that would react positively in a negative event and those people then have a distinct advantage over me so long as I’m being a little snotty loser and feeling sorry for myself because a car splashed me or a bird shat on my head.

Alright, the end of that paragraph really set off a little thought chain in my head there. I warn that this is going to sound harsh but it’s merely observation. So at the moment we live in a capitalist society right? See this is interesting because one of the arguments FOR capitalism is that it drives innovation because of the competititve nature of it which is true but then one of the main arguments AGAINST capitalism is that due to it’s competitive nature it breeds inequality. To expand futher on that criticism of capitalism it’s not necessarily to do with human greed but money in general. See, when the world is run on money as a commodity or indeed any commodity at all in order to get things done you need and I know this is going to sound weird but, capital. Yes indeed even communist Russia needed capital to do anything, it’s the nature of life itself that there is only two ways of achieving things – doing things by yourself (free but time consuming and limiting) or doing things as a group (involves paying others to do it). Now I can hear all the commies screaming that the entire principal of communism is that you don’t need capital when the workers of the world unite but guys, two things. Firstly, united workers are essentially capital themselves and secondly, if you work in a society whereby you receive literally anything in the basis that you’re working then you’re getting paid, the form just changes from cash to insurance policies. See capital is, like beauty, in the eye of the beholder. Anyway each of the workers will need to take their share i.e. they’ll be paid and the problem is humans don’t all work at the same rate and they aren’t all equal and then why should somebody be paid the same as somebody else just by their association with the collective. So then you could run it by piece rates meaning that you are paid for work completed e.g. on an assembly line in a car factory workers would be paid per car they complete. But then the issue with this is that it breeds competitiveness and then the harder workers will be paid more and then they’ll be better off and before you know it you’re back to capitalism.

Whatever, I think communism works on an extremely small scale and that’s it. People are too greedy and the earth is naturally a competitive environment, right now humans are on top. The fact that a food chain exists in nature should tell you something about the nature of our lives too. I think people forget too easily how connected we are with nature, at the very basis of it we are literally just occupants of the earth the same way animals are and if you come face-to-face with a lion they are not going to take mercy on you on account of you being human. We are so animalistic it’s unbelievable, some moreso than others but still humans are naturally competitive and they vary in work ethic, intelligence, strength, speed and so on and so forth. The point is that some people are better than others, anybody who disagrees can just get the fuck right now because you can’t be taken seriously. Sorry, as I was saying some humans are better, the vast majority of humans are greedy and self-preserving moreso than they are charitable and thus communism can’t work and thus there are inherently winners and losers in any society.

Although…the issue with capitalism isn’t necessarily in the fact that there are winners and losers but maybe the size of the gap between the two.

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