21/11/20 – Alcohol Ban, Recycling Costs and the Chinese 🇨🇳

Well, it’s 01:11 at the moment on Saturday night/Sunday morning. This is my blog for the 21st though. I woke up this morning with a slight hangover so I’ve been putting this off all day and now time has run out I need to do it. I have no real idea what to talk about,Continue reading “21/11/20 – Alcohol Ban, Recycling Costs and the Chinese 🇨🇳”

20/11/20 – 4 Day Weeks, IDGAF Style and The DUP…Again

It’s Friday, I’ve got plans tonight so I’ll have to try and be as efficient as possible. I’ll try not to sacrifice quality at the hands of haste. Why is the working week 5 days long? I mean seriously why does it need to be all 5 days, why can’t we all just do 4Continue reading “20/11/20 – 4 Day Weeks, IDGAF Style and The DUP…Again”

19/11/20 – (Some Of) My Problems With America 🇺🇸

OK, it’s another Thursday guys and Thursdays are always tough, I promise tomorrow’s blog will be better. It’s a drag at the end of the week but to be honest I think it could make for a more entertaining blog. I’m going to talk about America. The United States of America that is, not theContinue reading “19/11/20 – (Some Of) My Problems With America 🇺🇸”

18/11/20 – Why I Always Think I’m Right ✅

Hello again, it’s now the 18th day of writing 1,000 words a day for the full month of November, we’re over half way there! Once it’s done I swear I’m gonna enjoy not having to worry about it so much on the 1st of December. Its like homework, you have a hard day at school,Continue reading “18/11/20 – Why I Always Think I’m Right ✅”

17/11/20 – If Everyone’s Naked, Nobody Is

Well lads, it’s day 17 and away we go. So I’ve been playing a new game on my Xbox recently, the old one of course because all the snotty-nosed greasy-fingered 3 year olds got all the Series X preorders but nevermind, that’s all behind me. So, although I’ve had to settle for playing on anContinue reading “17/11/20 – If Everyone’s Naked, Nobody Is”

16/11/20 – You Can Move to Nepal… If You Want🇳🇵

We’re now into the second half of the charity project and I’m proud to say I haven’t missed a day. I’ll not miss a day, this was originally my idea and with my mates staying committed there’s no way I can pussy out. The donations plateaued last week but that’s to be expected, after allContinue reading “16/11/20 – You Can Move to Nepal… If You Want🇳🇵”

15/11/20 – Bye Bye conDom Cummings👋🏻

Listen lads this is ridiculous, I’ve been sick as a dog all day, no idea what’s wrong with so I’ve basically been putting this off but now push has come to shove and it’s time to get it over and done with. This is all going to be flowing straight from the head. I justContinue reading “15/11/20 – Bye Bye conDom Cummings👋🏻”

14/11/20 – Naomi Long for President 🇨🇳

So, Saturday is clearly the best day ever. The weather in Ireland is really shocking in a way though, I mean I love rain but the weather’s been taking the piss this week, pardon the pun. Frankie Boyle made a documentary for the BBC a few years ago and he said, ‘I used to thinkContinue reading “14/11/20 – Naomi Long for President 🇨🇳”

13/11/20 – The Case of Charlie Gard

We’re currently at $1,376. This is now the 13th day of the challenge. I can say, happily, that it’s improved my life. It is a bit of a melt because it’s just another thing you have to do that day but that was the whole point of the project anyway. We should be thankful thatContinue reading “13/11/20 – The Case of Charlie Gard”

12/11/20 – Why the Media Lies

Well then, hello again. We’ve raised $1,361 which will provide water to 40 people, quite the achievement I believe. Very proud of myself and my mates especially, it’s a great feeling being able to rely on your friends honestly. It’s Thursday anyway, tomorrow is Friday and I cannot fucking wait. I swear somebody added anContinue reading “12/11/20 – Why the Media Lies”