11/11/2020 – The Worst Day Ever and the DUP Are Back

I am coming to you from my car this morning. It’s Wednesday, midweek and the weather is kind of moody. I love the morning commute to work, it’s about a 20 minute drive for me bombing down the motorway. There’s nothing better than sitting in the car with the heating full whack listening to aContinue reading “11/11/2020 – The Worst Day Ever and the DUP Are Back”

10/11/20 – The World Owes Me an Xbox

Well lads, I hope you’re having a good week so far. The donations have definitely slowed but I’m betting on there being people with intent to donate who haven’t been paid yet or something. Either way we’ve raised more than we thought we would so no complaining. This is getting ever more challenging now, likeContinue reading “10/11/20 – The World Owes Me an Xbox”

09/11/20 – Winners, Losers and why Communism Doesn’t Work

Right, back again, this time we sit at $1,345 of our $1,500 goal so that’s pretty good stuff. I’m really not sure what to write about I think I might just have to let the thoughts flow. Alright well I guess I could just go on a bit of a rant about the world, prepare,Continue reading “09/11/20 – Winners, Losers and why Communism Doesn’t Work”

08/11/20 – My Gambling Habits – £2,000 ⬆️

That’s it, it’s the start of week two, we currently stand at $1,202 which is 80% of our goal. Thanks to all those that have and please donate to all those who haven’t. My friend Hugh who I’ve mentioned before also wrote about education reform yesterday, he spoke about the transfer test and making schoolContinue reading “08/11/20 – My Gambling Habits – £2,000 ⬆️”

07/11/20 – 12 years wasted learning Maths

So this is the 7th day, first week done. We’ve so far raised $1,191 of our $1,500 goal. This means 35 people will receive sustainable clean water all because of me and my friends. That’s amazing, makes me feel really proud. So, I was reading my friend Thomas’s blog which is – lommy.medium.com. He’s veryContinue reading “07/11/20 – 12 years wasted learning Maths”

06/11/20 – Ireland United… Maybe

It’s Friday which is fantastic, it means I get a lie-in tomorrow which I’ve been really looking forward to. Today I thought I’d talk about a united Ireland, controversial I know but I can’t stand tiptoeing around sensitive issues. We all have our own views on things and we need to be able to shareContinue reading “06/11/20 – Ireland United… Maybe”

05/11/20 – Michael Fassbender and Me

I’m sitting in my car as I write this, this is proving to be a lot more difficult thatnI had first anticipated, I think I’d better buck up my ideas. Anyway I’ve really got very little to talk about so I thought I’d tell a story about my German Granda or my Opa, as IContinue reading “05/11/20 – Michael Fassbender and Me”

04/11/20 – Mourning Trump

Before you read this, read this. The only people who want to be President are egos who want to leave their mark so they’re inherently selfish people (arseholes), this consistently makes the US Presidential election a ‘better of two evils’ type scenario. The way I try to view everything to do with anything political isContinue reading “04/11/20 – Mourning Trump”

03/11/20 – Friends and it’s Critics (arseholes)

Well, two of my friends, Hugh and Thomas made blogs yesterday to partake in the challenge for November. Reading both of their posts was enjoyable though, you can see little parts of their personalities dotted throughout their writing, hopefully mine is the same. I want to write in a way that a friend will readContinue reading “03/11/20 – Friends and it’s Critics (arseholes)”

02/11/20 – Ignorance > Self-awareness

Well then, this is the second day of my writing challenge. I wasn’t sure what to write about today but I think I’ve settled on self-awareness and ignorance. I saw a video the other day from an Indian guru, he was talking about the ‘human predicament’, as he termed it. He began by pointing outContinue reading “02/11/20 – Ignorance > Self-awareness”